Pharmacy: Medicine and Motivating Factors Essay Sample

Pharmacy: Medicine and Motivating Factors Essay Sample

My goal is to pursue a career as a Pharmacist. In times where sickness fills the earth, Pharmacists and other medical authorities are needed more than ever to help nurse the world to it’s best health.

What motivating factors or important experiences have helped shaped your personal philosophy and/or educational goals or career objectives?

One of the motivating factors in choosing a pharmacy career occured when I was a waiter at a senior citizen home. After a day of hard work I rested on an elegant chair, waiting for my transportation. Soon, my eye caught an elderly man making his way toward me in a wheelchair, accompanied by a smiling attendant. The attendant soon left, leaving the man to wait on a family visit. A few minutes of silence passed before he began speaking to me, talking about his life experiences and soon his health problems.

“The food here has too many carbohydrates… Lately I have been feeling unhealthy. My shape is coming apart. I feel lethargic..” He said weakly.

As I listened to him I felt powerless. He looked like a prisoner in his chair with his shoulders slumped forward and his hands tilting sideways. Reflecting on the moment, I felt that he was a medical patient begging me for help. Unfortunately, I was only a teenager waiting for a ride home from work, incapable of helping anyone. Moments like these is what powers my desire to pursue a career in Pharmacy. Millions of people, whether young or old, are weakened or killed by sickness; and I consider it an honor and duty if I can aid them in strength through medicine.

How will you finance your education?

I will vigorously apply for scholarships and seek grants. I search scholarship websites daily in order to find atleast three potential scholarships. I refuse to let financial difficulties stop my educational pursuits.

Why do you feel you should receive this scholarship and what would it mean to you if you received it?

I should receive this scholarship because I feel it would be an investment in a person who wants to achieve something more than himself. By this I mean becoming an object used to spread peace of mind to many people. By using this resources, it will bring my chase to a medical profession closer, and in doing so I can help hundreds of people with the medical attention they need.