Nonconventional Medicine

Nonconventional Medicine Essay Sample

There are variety of treatments and cures available, but to which healthcare system would each of them belong? Healthcare professionals consider medicine as being either conventional or alternative. There is such a wide diversity of unconventional treatments accessible, starting from ancient eastern practices like chinese medicine and finishing with therapies which focus on the connection between the body and mind, such as meditation. And such kind of remedy may be useful and helpful for all of us by different beneficial aspects. At first, better influence of alternative remedies attracts the people’s choice in appropriate way than the side-effects of nonconventional medicine. For instance, chemical drugs can badly affect health of people with sensitive constitution. It is often more effective, faster, and gentler to use unconventional medicine than conventional, with no or fewer side-effects and risk of difficulty. For the thousands of year mankind has lived on the Earth and never had a chemical medicine till conventional medicine was founded.

We were not designed to consume chemical. Secondly, complementary medicine is cheaper and more accessible than drugs, doctors, and expensive modern western healthcare system. For example, cost of malaria treatment in Ghana was approximately between 900-1300 Ghana cedi. However, treatment by herbalist was almost everywhere and virtually free. So nowadays the same situation is obvious in a lot of parts of the world. And day by day people try to take less chemical and more natural remedies in various regions of the world. Thirdly, different cultures define nonconventional medicine in different ways. It means that defining what is nonconventional in medicine will depend on society’s point of view on healthcare and its culture and geographic location. In eastern societies and cultures, systems such as Ayurvedic Medicine and chinese medicine are being considered as conventional because they have been used widely for centuries and continue to be used.

However, within western culture, practices that fall outside of the conventional are seen as alternative but it does not mean to say that they should be abandoned. Nevertheless, despites all different thoughts, society accepts wide use of nonconventional medicine. In addition, people widely use alternative medicine all around the world, but which researches had been done for proving this fact? Lots of pharmaceutical companies and a number of healthcare administrations daily make a lot of researches about medicine. For instance, more than a third of Americans use the forms of complementary medicine. It is the consequence of the research which made by one of the great companies of USA: “The Global Care Company”. Although, the amount of users is not great at all, the result is quite relevant for scientists.

For conclusion, among countless factors there is conspicuous aspect as follow. We can be treated by natural cures, and it is more beneficial than other sources. And statement by a professor who is the laureate of the Nobel Prize- Dr. Linus Pauling: “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” can prove the fact that use of nonconventional medicine is effective for everyone.