Marijuana Legalization


Drug trafficking is a single of the major difficulties the American federal government is dealing with (Gerber 36). The illegal selling of drugs, such as cannabis is among the most lucrative businesses in the world. The medication market in the Usa States of America is usually vibrant and economic professionals estimate the trade to create revenue in billions of U. S. dollars each year.

Marijuana could easily identify as a single of the main cash crops in the Usa States of America because of economic value. Many state governments are yet to legalize marijuana, yet people continue to participate in illegal practices associated along with the drug. Some associated with the criminal activities associated with this drug consist of smoking, possession, trafficking, in addition to selling.

The states of Colorado and Washington have legalized using cannabis (Gerber 39). Cannabis has traded in the United States of The united states for very many years. The Controlled Substances Work identifies and explains weed as a drug. The battle to legalize marijuana in the usa has been an ongoing scuffle for several many years. The use of weed in the United States of America will be limited to medical in addition to recreational purposes.

Marijuana has been examined and proved to have got some benefits to wellness that are very helpful, specifically to cancer patients (Earleywine 9). Various lobby groups, non-governmental organizations, special curiosity groups, and American citizens have been on the particular forefront of the marketing campaign to have the medicine legalized in the region. The federal government need to legalize marijuana because regarding its massive economic worth and health advantages.


Based to statistics gathered from studies that have investigated the American black marketplace, it is evident that will marijuana qualifies as a new cash crop. Drug trafficking is an lucrative trade that generates a lot of income in the tune regarding billions every year (Van 100). Unfortunately, the federal government has been shedding on tax revenue from the the sales of marijuana because it is still criminalized in the country. Much of the revenue created via marijuana goes to foreign economies through the procedures of criminal gangs plus drug cartels.

The grim reality regarding the economic performance associated with the United States of America lies in the lengthy debate on the legalization regarding marijuana. The federal government struggles to balance the national price range every year. The explanation for this particular is that it spends a massive percentage of their financial resources fighting cannabis, which has a massive economic value for the country. Legalization of hashish sativa could fully take advantage of its potential as a cash crop through the creation of a reliable revenue stream (Earleywine 11).

Statistics from a study conducted to display the effects of legalizing marijuana in the Combined States of America, believed that the federal government could generate annual revenue of $ 8. 7 billion from the drug annually (Gerber 44). This particular estimate applied the present tax rates on lawful drugs in the nation, such as alcohol and cigarette.

The examine also established that legalizing marijuana would help within reducing the amount of money spent by the federal government on managing the use of the substance (Van 105). The two states that have legalized the use associated with cannabis sativa for healthcare and recreational purposes provide good case reference to the federal government as they attempt to handle stress coming from various citizens raised concerning the issue of cannabis use.

The task that the federal government is likely to deal with regarding this crucial decision is weighing between the particular financial benefits of legalizing marijuana plus the social influence associated with its employ (Gerber 50). A number of the social impacts associated with applying marijuana include reduced human productivity, as well since a diluted essence plus the value of human being beings.

Reasons to legalize weed

There are numerous explanations why the federal authorities of the United Declares of America should legalize marijuana. These reasons usually are developed away from extensive study on the various utilizes of cannabis sativa within the country.

The studies involve individuals who have used medicine in the past, those who utilize it now, since well as state authorities that have already legalized the usage of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. The particular first reason is that the present laws applied to control the production, use, in addition to trading of marijuana inside the United States possess failed drasticly (Turnlund 20).

Despite typically the federal laws providing harsh penalties for crimes related with marijuana, the quantity of people being from the substance has been increasing each year.

Although people believe regulatory actions on the utilization of hashish sativa in the United States have been successful, stats show that over twenty five million people use it every single year (Earleywine 17). This demonstrates that numerous initiatives are needed to eliminate the drug. This would become too costly to the federal government government owing to the truth that little has changed thus far, despite its many efforts.

Typically the second reason is that there is racism in the particular enforcement of laws upon marijuana (Turnlund 28). The United States of America has a long historical past about racial profiling of which entails discrimination against fraction groups. The biggest targets of law enforcers in the war against drugs are people belonging to the dark community, which makes upward about 13% of the American population.

Decrease shown that members of the black community in the United States regarding America account to 26% of arrests associated along with marijuana (Van 133). This specific is not the truth for people from the white community who often face arrests with lower hazards, and under less difficult circumstances. That is not provide a good equal ground for controlling the illegal activities regarding marijuana. Thus, legalizing weed will help to lessen social injustice and provide everyone the same opportunity in order to contribute to the nationwide economy.

Typically the third reason is that will legalizing marijuana would control its activities inside the dark market, reduce the exposure to young people, and reduce the levels of crime within the country (Turnlund 35). According to economic professionals, marijuana has more useful within the black market. This specific provides an excellent ground regarding the development of offense, as more people will be seeking a greater share of the market.

Its illegal status provides an possibility for teenagers to make huge profits by avoiding being taxed, thus subjecting them to various hazards. Legalizing marijuana will decrease its usage, which is usually the situation with other legitimate drugs like tobacco plus alcohol (Morgan 204). Legitimate drugs have less usage rates when it comes to because these people have little economic rewards and are very costly. The reduced economic value and high prices are necessitated by huge financial responsibilities such as taxation simply by the government.

The fourth reason is that legalizing marijuana might boost the economy via increased federal taxation (Turnlund 41). The money generated through black markets in the usa of America ends up in criminal gangs in addition to cartels that invest within the outside of the country. Marijuana has aided various people make money and eventually become wealthy.

However, the us government has been missing on benefits from the drug’s large economic value (Morgan 209). Drug trafficking is a single of the top unlawful business in the United States of America. If marijuana is legalized, that could contribute a whole lot to the country’s economic climate. If the authorities decides to legalize the pill, it would reduce the price managing the problem. Regrettably, the federal government would not profit in any approach from the multibillion businesses, because it cannot taxes the income generated.

Most of the income generated goes in to foreign economies (Turnlund 46). Therefore, legalizing marijuana would allow this money to keep within the American price range through investments, as well as taxation with the authorities. Since drug dealers make this illegal money, making use of the infrastructure built and manufactured by the federal government, that is important to change back some of that money to the economy by means of infrastructural development by typically the government.

The particular fifth reason is the fact that marijuana does not have hazardous effects on the consumer like other drugs (Turnlund 60). Research on marijuana have established that this illegal substance is not harmful to human body, has little potential for overdose among nearly all people, as well as less potential with regard to addiction development. The actuality on the utilization of marijuana in the United States of America is characterized by harsh remedying of people caught with violations relevant to the drug.

Marijuana does not negatively influence the individual’ s productivity. Some of the people opposed to be able to legalization of marijuana dispute that the number of people using it will increase, because the drug will be readily obtainable to everyone (Morgan 213). However, this should not generate confusion over the need to be able to legalize the drug, since it is clear that the activities in the black market supply many incentives that will certainly end once the drug will become legally accepted.

The other reason will be that cases dealing together with marijuana are very expensive. The justice system inside America cannot afford to aid the numerous cases about marijuana brought before it each day (Turnlund 67). Legalizing marijuana will reduce the financial burden on the particular federal government that will be associated with treating the instances. Instead, the federal federal government can use that funds to support numerous applications within the nation aimed from educating people on medication abuse (Morgan 216).

The war on medications will go down when the federal government agrees to legalize this drug. In addition, the amount regarding money invested by the federal government in battling the drug would end up being invested in more meaningful tasks that can improve the national economy (Turnlund 71). Legalizing marijuana in the United States would aid in decongesting prisons in addition to correctional facilities, therefore reducing the number of billions of dollars used the wellbeing of prisoners.

Marijuana compared to other legal drugs in america

The federal government will create billions of dollars in revenue off this specific cash crop if that agrees to legalize it. The federal government may use this money in order to reorient the American economy towards a more positive direction. This is possible when only it appreciated the harmless and safe characteristics of marijuana (Caulkins 116). Legalizing marijuana will help save all of the funds wasted on finding cannabis busts, and the taxpayers’ money used on medicine felons in jail for housing, food, attorney fees, court costs, health, plus other expenses.

In addition, if the particular government imposes taxes upon the sale of marijuana, the money will go to our economy and will assist fully grasp this country in managing the impacts of the particular recent global financial trouble that hit the American economy very hard. The innate nature of marijuana applies within arguing for its legalization (Caulkins 119). In evaluation to the processing regarding other drugs, that involves typically the addition of unhealthy chemical compounds to enhance their effects, weed is safe because it has no additives.

The perception of categorizing marijuana as a poor drug is long overdue, and the government need to legalize it. Out associated with the most commonly utilized drugs in the planet, marijuana is relatively safe. Therefore, it is important for the government to be able to reevaluate the issue regarding marijuana again and think about its legalization (Morgan 224).

If the government compares statistics on deaths brought on by the make use of of drugs, it would be surprised to find out that marijuana smoking does not even appear upon the list of drugs studied. In contrast, tobacco eliminates 340, 000-395, 000 people a year, and alcohol consumption kills roughly up to 125, 000 or more annually. Harder drugs, such as Heroine, Cocaine plus Methamphetamines lead another 20, 000- 32, 000 individuals to death per year (Morgan 237).

Nevertheless , there are examples of numerous irresponsible cannabis consumers who have damaged themselves or others while being under the effect. Unlike other drugs in addition to substances occasionally abused by simply people, you can find no recognized fatalities from the consumption associated with marijuana (Caulkins 128).

Marijuana is safe any time used responsibly. These two reasons should convince the federal government on the need to legalize the employment and selling of marijuana in the Usa States of America. Although marijuana can have bad results if person abuses it, plenty of worse things are progressing inside the society, and the particular government is less involved about their economic effects (Morgan 242).

One of the many important things to keep in mind is that will there are always dangers involved in being under typically the influence of any material. However, it is essential for the authorities in order to give a legal enable for trading and make use of of marijuana in typically the United States of America (Caulkins 131). As long as responsibility is brought up among users, there is not any damage in partaking cannabis.


Marijuana is one regarding the widely used drugs inside the United States regarding America that the federal government has unsuccessfully tried out to eliminate. Studies have got indicated that marijuana has well being care, social, and economical benefits, that are lacking within some of the medicines currently legalized in the particular country.

Even though cannabis sativa is certainly regarded as as a criminal issue in the United Says, there have been several attempts in the recent past to legalize p. Supporters of the legalization of marijuana have advised the us government to use the particular states of Colorado plus Washington, as reference factors in the request in order to legalize marijuana.

The economies of these a couple of states have benefited the lot from the legalization with this substance. The government government should legalize weed because of its immense economic value, medical rewards, and its less harmful side effects compared to other legalized drugs this kind of as alcohol. The understanding of categorizing marijuana because a bad drug is usually long overdue, as well as the authorities should legalize it.

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