Leisure Time Essay Example

Leisure Time Essay

Leisure Time What do you often do in your leisure time? Do you take advantage of it instead of losing it? Leisure time is a good time to do what you want to do. I like to play violin, play tennis or go shopping during my leisure time. These things make me feel relaxed. I often play violin in my leisure time. I always play alone for an hour or two. It helps me clear my mind. I can just get away from my vexation for a while. When I play violin, I feel easy and happy.

I enjoy hearing the music that comes out from my violin. I love music. It takes me to another wonderful world. Sometimes when I have time, I play tennis. I would like to play for an hour with my parents or my friends. It helps me to relax my mind from studying, and it is a good exercise for my body. It improves the body’s metabolism and keeps me healthy, although I may feel tired after playing. If I have time, I enjoy shopping. I always go with my friends.

We talk and laugh together. I feel happy even though we just go window-shopping! It makes me feel cheerful when I see many beautiful things. Going shopping helps me to relax my mind completely. I like playing violin, playing tennis or going shopping in my leisure time. They help me a lot. Playing violin helps me to clear my mind. Playing tennis and going shopping helps me to relax myself in different ways. I like to do these activities whenever I have time! What about you?