Kings College Hospital

Kings College Hospital Essay Sample

Kings college hospital is a large organisation spread out over several sites in Camberwell, Farnborough and Bromley. Kings College is a funded organisation funded by the NHS and became a foundation trust in 2006. Recently Kings College Hospital has celebrated 100 years. Kings College Hospital is also registered with the care qualities commission. The services which kings specialise in are:

Liver transplantation and diseases
Foetal medicine
Cardiology (heart disease and heart attacks)
As well as being a major trauma centre
Ascendant and emergency department
In addition to all of this, Kings College offers and provides a variety of other services to the service users that come for in for care. Furthermore Kings College is a well known educating centre and a major London teaching hospital and specialise in nursing and midwifery however do offer a range of studies. Kings College Hospital is linked in working with Kings College London, Guys and St Thomas’ and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Staff at Kings

Nurses & Doctors at all grades who specialise in different sections e.g paediatrics etc… Senior and Junior Consultants
Admin Managers
Auxiliary Staff
Porters / Cleaners / Store room
Ict staff
Team leaders
Patient record staff
And over 100 Volunteers
Policies and procedures covering clinical & corporate activities:
1. Being Open
2. Care, maintenance and decontamination of beds
3. Concerns ( Whistle blowing)
4. Confidentiality Code of Conduct
5. Data Protection
6. Decontamination of equipment
7. Disciplinary and Behaviour Standards
8. Email
9. Equal Opportunities
10. Fire Safety
11. Freedom of Information
12. Harassment (and bullying)
13. Infection Prevention and Control
14. Information Risk
15. Management, Reporting, & Investigation of Adverse Incidents (including Serious Adverse Incidents)
16. Medicines Management – Guidelines for the use of medicines
17. New Clinical Procedures Methods and Techniques
18. Safeguarding Adults
19. Sharps Injuries and Body Fluid Exposure Incidents, Prevention And Management
20. Standards of Business Conduct
21. Statutory and Mandatory Training
22. Training, Education & Development Support
23. Waste management
As you can see Kings College Hospital sets out a wide range of policies and procedures which allow the staff to do the best they can to provide the best care for the service users as well as protecting all staff members. Kings College as a whole is part of a chain as it took over a few more trusts under its “wing” and is continuing to expand in the present with its newly improved midwifery suite.