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Illegal Immigration

There have been heated debates about on the position of the USA on immigration, and the debate only gets bigger with changes in regime. Every American citizen has his or her opinion on illegal immigration, some supporting and others are against the same. President’s Trump regime is committed to deporting the illegal immigrants in the country; the president claims that the root of American problems is the immigrants who are in the country illegally. Over the years the USA has experienced a rise in the number of persons within its boundaries with no proper legal documentation. Some of these individuals have expired visas which have been denied renewal while others were smuggled into the country illegally with no documentation whatsoever.

Economically, immigrants whether in the country legally or otherwise are beneficial in several ways to the American economy. The immigrants expand the labor market and are an additional source of revenue.  There is a notion that undocumented workers in the US compete with the skilled legal American when the truth of the matter is that these immigrants complement the skilled American. The immigrants perform routine tasks on any work site which allows the skilled and legal Americans to concentrate on what they know best (Davidson, n.p). An example would be considering how restaurants operate. The immigrants perform routine tasks like washing dishes cheaply which factors translates into cheap meals and cuts costs meaning that the restaurants can employ waiters and chefs. The level of productivity increases when the undocumented workers complement the skilled laborers. The issues of being additional sources of revenue translate into increased circulation of money in the economy. Immigrants spend most of the money they earn working in the US on such things as rent, gas, electricity, and the internet and only a small portion of their earnings are shipped out of the country. Such consumption is a boost the country’s GDP.

However beneficial are the immigrants economically the threat and burden they put on this country should not be underestimated? First of all illegal immigration is a violation of the laws of citizenship. Illegal immigrants are individuals in the US without valid documentation and who are not accounted for in the annual budget which stretches the resources of any given state in the United States. An estimate conducted by Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) show that in Pennsylvania alone the cost of education for the illegal immigrants’ children is at the highs of $230 million dollars annually. An accumulation of medical costs for the same illegal immigrant would mean that Pennsylvania would be spending $285 million dollars as of 2006(“Illegal Immigration and Its Effects on Society and the Economy”, n.p). These costs are to be covered using the taxpayers’ money which puts the burden on the common citizens of the USA. These costs only cover the costs of education and health which mean that if we include the costs of administration of justice such as policing, interpreters, the cost of trials among others, the estimated costs would parachute. The immigrants also, pose the greatest terror threat in the country as well perpetrating drug-trafficking. These activities have made the America’s borders unsafe posing security threats to the neighboring states near the borders.

In conclusion, for many especially the employers, it is a dilemma when it comes to taking a position on the topic of illegal immigration. Should they support or be against illegal immigration? Not all of the illegal immigrants pose a threat to the country; some just want to earn a living while others are earning a living the wrong or illegal way, but there is no way to discern. More of the immigrants are arrested for crimes than the average American adult population which means that it is a risk living with the immigrants, but the question is ‘is it a risk worth taking’?


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