How to overcome anxiety disorder

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The most effective way to overcome anxiety disorder is with the combination of good self-help information and professional coaching/therapy (often referred to as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT). Most people struggle with problematic anxiety because they don’t understand it or know how it can make a person feel so poorly…and for so long. Good self-help information will help you understand what anxiety is, why it occurs, how it affects the body, what anxiety symptoms are, what anxiety attacks are, and more importantly what you can do to help yourself overcome it. Understanding anxiety is a key component to the successful treatment of anxiety disorder.

Fear of the unknown is a main component of problematic anxiety. Good self-help information can reduce the fear of a struggle with problematic anxiety. The more you know about anxiety, the better off you’ll be. Anxiety disorder is not caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, a biological problem with the brain, or because of a genetic predisposition. Anxiety disorder occurs when we behave more anxiously than normal. We live anxiously because we use certain behaviors that create anxiety. We call these unhealthy behaviors the underlying factors of anxiety. An experienced anxiety disorder therapist can help you identify these underlying factors and help you address them. Once these factors have been identified and addressed, anxiety as a disorder, including its symptoms, subside by default. This approach gets at the root of anxiety disorder and not simply addresses the symptoms. Once the root cause of anxiety disorder has been addressed, the condition and its symptoms subside on their own.While there are many so-called “miracle cures” and “quick fix remedies” to resolve anxiety disorder, none of them provide lasting results, because none of them get at the root of anxiety. Getting at the cause of problematic anxiety is the most effective treatment for it.

Addressing anxiety disorder properly requires getting the right information, professional help, and support. Anxiety disorder almost never disappears on its own. We have to work at it to successfully address it. The good news is that we can…with the right information, help, and support.[2]For years anxiety centre only provided self-help information. While many people found it helpful, we noticed many continued to struggle to a certain degree. To help people effectively address problematic anxiety, we began offering personal anxiety therapy, coaching, and counseling in 2004. This has made a significant difference. Those who employ a combination of self-help information and coaching/therapy succeed in overcoming anxiety disorder. The results are tangible. Our anxiety therapy, coaching, and counseling program is highly successful and works time and time again. If you are interested in working at overcoming anxiety disorder, you can do it with the combination of good self-help information and therapy provided by an experienced anxiety disorder therapist. The best anxiety therapists to work with are those who have personally experienced and have successfully overcome anxiety disorder in their own lives. We find that personal experience with anxiety disorder makes a big difference in the recovery process.

Again, the most effective way to overcome anxiety disorder is with the combination of good self-help information and therapy that is provided by experienced anxiety disorder therapists.[1]We offer this combination:

  1. Self-help information in the Recovery Support area of our website.
  2. Personal coaching/counseling/therapy program delivered by experienced and professionally trained therapists who have personally experienced and successfully overcame problematic anxiety in their own lives.

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