A hospital is a network of many various departments that need correct communication and cooperation. Any time the system breaks down, there are many problems regarding both staff and patients. The quality of service begins to suffer, in addition to the environment becomes stressful and unhealthy for recovery. The provision of health-related has always been a significant and controversial issue. There are times in life when any person could wish for some form of medical attention and that is everyone’s right in order to receive the proper treatment.

Problem areas:

  1. Typically the waiting room is not equipped to suit the patients. The emergency area will be the face of the hospital, as this is the very first area that folks come into and wherever they wait to be seen by the nurse. It is rather small , and does not necessarily adequately seat all sufferers. As a result, individuals have to hold back in the hallway and around the particular entrance into the hygienic emergency ward. Also, typically the traffic within the hallways becomes congested and the ambulance employees, as well as porters who are transferring patients have problems maneuvering close to people; fire safety methods suffer as an effect.

  2. The holding out room is not divided into adult and child sections and so, children are suscepted to possibly dangerous infections.

  3. The communication between the particular psychiatric ward as well as the waiting room are completely messy. A patient who makes the hospital for the psychiatric assessment is forced to wait more compared to two hours in a new room 2 meters simply by 2 meters with uneasy seating and an absence of a bed. This may lead to constant problems with their stress levels, which leads to the emergency room personnel in addition to doctors to regulate these patients and assign unneeded medication. The communication between typically the 5 th floor (psychiatric ward) and transfer of individuals is inefficient.

  4. The nurses inside the ICU-intensive care unit are disorganized with the time the medication or other procedures must be administered to the patients.


The waiting room: need to extended for that greater sum of people and separated into a child area, adult section and one for those who might transfer a great infectious disease to other people.

Communication: health care revolves around individuals plus just attendance to their own needs. An administrator who is in control of changing or perhaps creating medical policies or the nurses and medical doctors themselves, are obligated to be able to provide proper care in order to anyone in need, including psychiatric patients. The lengthy wait times must end up being cut by 50 %, as folks are susceptible to more and unnecessary stress. It is morally necessary to make sure that the person will get the treatment and medicine they might require.

Programs for nurses: as education for doctors and nursing staff is particularly serious, there ought to be in-hospital classes offered. People become morally used to the patients and their suffering, thus the healthcare staff needs a refreshment of their understanding and knowledge.

Organization: specific criteria and parameters need to be outlined for nurses for better history associated with medical problems and actual physical assessment. The patient is also a person who must be shown the way to do the particular monitoring themselves, with very clear guidelines and goals within the reach for stability. The use of multidisciplinary team is very helpful, as this increases the scope of diagnostics and treatment but additionally approach towards patients. Primary is on older adults plus children, in order in order to establish the reasons for their delay in searching for medical attention or suggestions about how to deal with the issue.


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