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Expert nurses are expected to have developed skills and similarly have a good understanding of the patients and know how they should be cared for over a given duration of time based on education and experience. However, the acquisition of skills and knowledge should not be through theoretical means but rather it should be through practical ways of obtaining knowledge. On the contrary, the exemplar explains how the system which is meant to be used in the hospital for activation of new software but it does not concentrate on the well being of the patients. Similarly, it deals with the way people answer phone calls which is not applicable in the development and acquisition of the relevant knowledge required by a nurse

The main or the core purpose of the command centre or sometimes referred to as the war room is in many occasions used for military purposes or in huge business or even in government activities. In this context, the exemplar applies the use of the centre room as a domain of practice ironically as a nurse who is expected to get the relevant knowledge through practical ways which is not applicable. Basically, this domain will be misleading and out of the nursing profession insead he or she should come out with appropriate domain which is relevant to the nursing profession

Personally I beg to disagree with the assessment of the competence based on the facts that the exemplar does not bring out the sense of nursing as a profession and how the he or she gets the relevant knowledge which should be applied when handling sick people. Even though there is a practical which is carried out, it is totally opposite to what is expected of a practical which should be carried out or conducted by a nurse. Ideally, the information or the end result of this exemplar does not benefit a nurse or anybody who is expected to handle patients.

COPA allows nurses to be prepared effectively for the role of performance at the working place by facilitating comprehensiveness in core clinical behaviors which avails competence evidence.  However, COPA requires identification of the needed competencies and giving them wards as practice based competency instead of traditional objectives, there should also be a concept based model which paves way for flexibility in adaption and a method of corresponding as a means of assessment. On the other hand, SCAN deals with the capability of the yooung nurses in dealing with the demands of working places and if the young nurses are in a good position of meeting these work place demands, this result into the level of skills and knowledge to be a major requirement for a nurse to be employed. Ideally, there is need of definition of skills in order for a nurse to be employed, have the required proficiency and away of examining the proficiency. Thus, there are several competencies which make up the SCAN and they include resource allocation, identification, planning and organizing.

Both COPA and SCAN have similarities, the main is that they both narrows towards the preparation of young nurses for work or employment lessons and other requirements and how they should conduct themselves while at working places. COPA can be used in any nursing specialty because they have the ability and power to comprehend clinical behaviors which allows the development of competence. In every workplace there are competencies which are always expected together with a number of standers but since nursing have inter-joined them in the education system, this impact positively to those who undergo the nursing training and majorly it has a positive impact on the education system of nursing.

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