General Psychology Essay Sample

General Psychology Essay Sample

Course Description

This course is a scientific consideration of the psychological foundations of behavior. It will investigate psychological development, motivation, sensation, perception, learning, thinking, language, psychological measurement, and principles of mental illness and mental health.

Course Objectives

If you successfully complete this course you will be able to: 1. Apply the scientific method to psychological research, describing and analyzing basic research techniques used in psychology. 2. Examine and evaluate both theoretical and empirical (applied) information in psychology. 3. Evaluate critically the various perspectives and schools of thought in psychology and the major theories and principles associated with each. These include Neuroscientific Perspectives, Cognitive Perspectives, Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, and Humanistic Psychology. 4. Identify and explain the various occupations involving psychology directly or indirectly, including occupations in both the clinical and research areas.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Psychology 101 General Psychology student learning outcomes are based on the American Psychological Association’s guidelines which describe what a student having a BA in psychology ought to know and be able to do as a consequence of his or her coursework. Upon completion of General Psychology, the student should be able to… 1) Demonstrate an increased understanding of the various schools of thought and research methods used in psychology. 2) Demonstrate an increased understanding of the biological basis of behavior, theories of learning, and cognitive processes (such as memory and intelligence). 3) Demonstrate an increased understanding of the concepts and theories central to the study of motivation, emotion, and human sexuality. 4) Demonstrate an increased understanding of the concepts and theories central to the study of developmental and social psychology. 5) Demonstrate an increased understanding of human stress, psychological disorders, and psychotherapy.

Course Requirements

1.Attend class and participate in it.

2.Specific assignments

a.Four examinations will be given. They will consist of questions pertaining to all presentation material (PowerPoint presentations, video, audio, discussion boards, chats, etc.), textbook material from chapters for that unit. You will need 4 scantron forms from the bookstore (1) ERI #288 and (3) ERI #289, they RED in color!

You will NOT be allowed to make-up an exam under any circumstance!

b. Blackboard WileyPlus assignments to be assigned. You will need to be able to log onto Blackboard to access WileyPlus assignments. Access code is packaged with the text or may be purchased separately.

c. One group presentation is required for this course. Students will select a Psychological Disorder and present a “creative presentation” for other class members. Examples of this might include skits & role plays, student created videos or a combination of PowerPoint presentations integrating video clips of movies to illustrate disorders. All members of the group must participate in the planning & execution of the presentation. The length of the presentation should not exceed 13 minutes.