Effects of Substance Abuse essay


Effective treatment can be difficult for substance abusers. Research has made progress on understanding the behavior of substance abusers. Prevention is considered the best way to follow when it comes to substance abuse. Children and teenagers should be educated and given awareness on the effects of substance abuse.

Substance abuse intoxicates a person, affects judgment and perception. Withdraw can cause anxiety and seizures. Drug overdose can also lead to death. Substance abusers, who want to stop using the drugs, will want to do it by themselves. This has, however, proven not to be easy. Checking into a rehabilitation centre for thrree months can promise significant improvement on the part of the abuser. At the centre, they start with recovery, which is helpful in preventing relapse. Behavioral treatment involves a counselor, who becomes the friend of the abuser during the time at the centre. Alcoholics can join an alcoholic anonymous that guides them on best way to kick out the bad habit. According to Abadinsky (300), this works well as there are other people, who are also suffering the same. There are medications like the methadone and nicotine patches that can be prescribed to the abuser.


People abuse drugs for varied reasons. The people around them like close families and friends should play a vital role in the recovery of the abuser. Showing support and not neglecting them can be helpful. According to Rice (72), the final decision for recovery should be left to the substance abuser to decide. Forcing a person can be have negative effects and may make it worse for the abuser. Strict laws and policies should be reinforced so that the people involved in peddling the drugs can be arrested. If the drugs are not available, the numbers of the substance abusers will decline.

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