Effectiveness of behavioral treatment for children with autism essay

The proposed research topic is: Effectiveness of behavioral treatment for children with autism. The main research question is: which behavioral approach is best for children with autism? Behavioral approaches have been recognized as crucial ways of addressing the deficits and delays that are common with autism (Sallows & Graupner, 1996).

Findings of modern research indicate that many children with autism can make dramatic improvement and achieve normalcy (Sheinkopf, 1998). Additionally, many researchers agree that intensive behavioral treatment may result in substantial gains for many children who suffer from autism (Horner, 2002).  Children who suffer from autism face extreme difficulty when developing normal relationships with other children (Matson & Benavidez, 1996). They also find it difficult sharing in the interests that their peers have (Eldevik, 2006). In most cases, these children may not be able to interpret non-verbal cues that are necessary for communication and facial expressions. When they become adults, most people who suffer from autism may have language impairment. In fact, many of them do not speak at all (Odom, 2003). The rationale for this study is the existing gaps in knowledge relating to the effectiveness of behavioral therapy for autism treatment.

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