Drug Abuse Treatment essay

This paper is on drug abuse treatment in prison systems. Various reports have shown that a number of prisoners in U.S prisons have serious drug abuse problems, thus in need of treatment before they return to the society. A report by the bureau of justice and statistics showed that 45% of federal inmates and 53% of state inmates meet criteria of substance abuse or drug dependence. Drug abuse treatment involves the psychotherapeutic intervention that endeavors to reduce the dependence on psychoactive drugs. Drug abuse treatment within a prison system also deals with challenges associated with closed systems and resultant risky behaviors that may lead to contraction of HIV and other blood borne infections.  It is noted that drug addiction comes with significant social, financial, psychological, and legal consequences. Studies have shown that the treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts within a prison enables reintegration into the job market, offers training, and minimizes re-incarceration. This paper analyzes various research findings regarding drug abuse treatment and how prison systems approach this issue.

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