Cosmetic Surgery essay

Cosmetic surgery is a type of correctional surgery or rather a restoration of form to achieve a desired look or function. The surgery will mostly involve procedures that are intended for improvement of  appearance through surgical or medical techniques. The sole purpose of cosmetic surgery is to maintain the normal young appearance while in other cases it can be performed to enhance the image beyond a certain level. The enhancement of looks towards an aesthetic ideal is the main reason why young girls in these modern times find it necessary to undergo these cosmetic surgery procedures. The surgery may also be be used as a re constructive procedure to restore the appearance of looks after a normal surgery or accident.

The statistics of aesthetic surgery are rising in exorbitant rates which provides made this process to visit under intense scrutiny to ascertain its advantages and down sides. Breast lift, breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, liposuction are just a few of the cosmetic surgery procedures which can be performed in young girls. Young girls locate these procedures as a way in addition to ways to correct facial flaws or figures in order to attain a desired seem. Cosmetic surgery has obtained it great number of achievement as well as disappointments.

Young girls may often bare the brunts associated with low personal esteem issues and just how they may be affected by undergoing cosmetic surgery. While many regarding the young girls will see it a fast fix solution the actual details of the surgery and its effects have to become carefully understood before generating a decision. The media has a pivotal part to learn in shaping typically the ways through which these younger girls think. The mass media has been criticized over time for the role that has played in lowering the self confidence of young adults. It does this specific by creating a kind of idealized image of a perfect look in addition to however exaggerated the graphic might be, it will frequently lead young girls to consider of it as a reality ( Wright, 1947).

It is every parents wish that they young daughters do not suffer from low self esteem and so they may go out of their way to make this happen. Cosmetic surgery may be beneficial in many ways but it is also important not to ignore the disadvantages that it can bring all together. Girls who opt for this type of surgery have to be both mentally and psychologically prepared for it. The fact that after  cosmetic surgery the past looks will have been lost forever should be a key to guiding their decisions. It would be prudent for one to view the situatiions from different angles and especially analyzing the situation by simulating the looks before and after the surgery.

The self esteem of a young girl may be boosted by the cosmetic surgery but the surgery may also act as the catalyst to lower self esteem. The numerous statistics that are carried out show that those who have undergone the process at a younger age tend to reverse the situation as the years pass by. This may be the case especially for girls who undergo breast enlargement while in their teens.

Most of the young girls may think that undergoing a cosmetic surgery will improve their self esteem in an instance. This statement may be true if the surgery is inevitable in certain situations such as reconstruction after an accident. Recent studies have shown that many of the young girls who had self esteem issues in their teenage years tend to be more satisfied in latter years of their lives. Studies have also shown that many who undergo some types of cosmetic surgeries such as breast implants are 4 times likely to commit suicide. Since the primary goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve on appearance the considerable effect that it has on the overall self esteem makes it hard to judge its effectiveness (Suzanne, 2003)

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