Community Description And Data Interpretation Essay Example

Community Description And Data Interpretation Essay

Kootenai County is located in Northern Idaho in what is known as the state panhandle. The county is 1310 square miles including over 70 square miles of water and 245,000 acres of National forest (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Kootenai County boasts an excess of over twenty pristine lakes which is one of the many reasons this area is such a popular destination for national and international tourists. (“Kootenai County, Idaho”).

Kootenai County was established in 1864, named after Kootenai tribe because it lies in the area of settlement of the tribe, present boundaries were established in 1915 after the formation of Benewah County to the south (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Population and economic status assessment From an epidemiologic perspective, the current population of Kootenai County as of the 2010 census, is 138,494 which has had a 2. % increase over the last two years and continues to rise as evidenced by the birthrate in Kootenai County being 62 per 1000 residents and a death rate of 32 per 1000 residents along with immigration and population relocation (“Kootenai County, Idaho”).