Clinical Nurse Specialist essay

This coursework establishes the goals and objectives of a clinical nursing specialist practicum. It develops a perfect understanding of the discipline, as well as the expertise required in the nursing practice. In particular, it focuses on the strategic management principles as relates to nursing care for asthma patients. In addition, it seeks to establish a systematic understanding of the expertise to be demonstrated in educating health care staffs, as well as in patients about the asthma related precautions. Further, the coursework focuses on how the acquired expertise in the nursing career can be used to improve the patient care and quality of life in general.

The programs involved in working as a clinical nursing specialist are quite intense and demanding. In light of this, a clearly thought out layout of the goals and objectives should be drawn early enough to ensure that nothing lags behind. Before embarking on the practicum, it has been necessary to collaborate with advanced practice nurses to establish the current trends in the nursing practice, as well as the emerging issues that may be necessary to understand. In particular, the populations that I will be dealing with often require specialized care that requires a thorough understanding. For instance, the adult populations have many issues to do with their reproductive life that require the special attention. In particular, women of adult age are either in childbearing stage or are getting into menopause. In both cases, they are being introduced into a new kind of life. As such, there are many things they may not understand about their personal life. In most instances, the clinical nursing specialist will be required to offer the appropriate advice. Although men of this age have limited health issues, the complications associated with the women equally affect them, as they are either fathers or husbands to women of this age (Hamric, Sprouse & Hanson, 2009).

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