Benefits of Blood Donation, Best Buy Electronics, And The Blackbox Logic

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The Bonfils Blood Centre of Colorado conducted an ethnographic research which was aimed at increasing the number of blood donors in order to meet the increasing demand for blood products in Colorado and throughout the country. Those to be considered in this exercise were also lapsed and non-donors. The intended action of the research was educating people on the importance of donating blood and giving them a viable reason to do so. Interviews were done with both frequent and infrequent donors personally and it was seen to have a greater influence on convincing the potential donors. The interviews conducted involved subjecting individuals to a set of conditions that would create a unique blood donation process to them. Selections were made according to the preferences they had and ways were developed to make the blood donation process inviting to them. A donor portal was then developed which helped in getting more donors within the year.

Best Buy Electronics

Best Buy, an electronic devices retailer, wanted to introduce health and fitness departments within its stores. The target of this venture was female consumers. To conduct the research, first an inventory of female shoppers who recently purchased fitness equipment was made to understand the decision making process the customers go through. The research required frequent updates on the development of other in-store fitness departments so as to set up a prototype which would serve as a test run for the proposed in-store fitness department. Participants were interviewed to get feedback on the same. The feedback collected guided Best Buy in their selection of the required products which would bring about the best customer experience and plans were made to move forward with the idea.

Blackbox Logic

Blackbox Logic, a data solutions provider in the mortgage securities market, had planned to rebrand for their online and print collateral. To conduct this research process, Blackbox Logic reached out to their clients to find out their main reason for preferring them over other solution providers. Blackbox also asked the clients for suggestions that they to improve their website and any new features they would like to see in their service delivery. A new website was later launched based on the preferences the clients gave and this boosted their website functionality and consumer outreach.


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