Attitude Towards to Plastic Surgery Essay Sample

Attitude Towards to Plastic Surgery Essay Sample

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is becoming a fashion industry in the world. Many Asian countries’ women are crazy about this type of beauty. Plastic surgery is not just about becoming prettier, it is also about confidence building. In some countries, plastic surgery even relates to career or intimating relationships. But there are some different points of view about this phenomenon. According to Choe Sang-Hun, who wrote an article about plastic surgery in South Korea, plastic surgery becoming very popular in this country. Not only is the technology well-developed, but also some surgery just costs patients a few minutes. There are some patients who will go shopping right after they have done the surgery. Not only aged women will have this kind of desire to get their faces to look better. The range of ages is from 19 to 49, when women will do or have done surgery. Some parents even will say to their daughters, if they passed the college entrance exam, they will let them get surgery. Since more and more celebrities in South Korea are having surgery and willing to go public talked about it. In South Korea, having surgery is no longer a shameful thing to admit.

Respecting this fanaticism, many doctors in South Korea will change their fields from different majors to become plastic surgeons. According to the article, the Government of Korea increased the tax by 10 percent on five popular types of cosmetic surgery. Civic groups and surgeons stand out against this policy and said it is discriminating women and poor people. Although Korea Government has done something, trying to make this situation not to explode rapidly but there are still some people are really into this type of “improvement.” Based on Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, carry an editorial for Time Magazine. She was inspired by a true story. An Asian girl named Saeko, who was a college student. Due to Saeko’s personality is introverted and lack of confidence about her appearances. Therefore, she got herself went under the knife. Increasingly, around Asia countries are starting to jump on the bandwagon of plastic surgery. Although Asia was a little bit fell behind than West since cultural differences. But now cosmetic surgery is becoming a big hit and spread all over Asia. Even men will have plastic surgery but some of surgery is for specific patients, like penis-enlargement procedures or male-to-female sex-change operations. Sometimes even doctors themselves will have surgery and also it is a good advertisement.

Some of the patients explained, they are eager to have surgery is because they don’t want to be despising. But in some countries, plastic surgery may lead to failure or death. Even though this seems perilous, there are still some women will take the risk and trying to become the ideal appearances which they like. Scilicet, Journal of Social Psychology, there are some different attitudes toward to cosmetic surgery patients. Some cosmetic surgery patients said that they want to change appearances to keep their jobs or maintain relationship with their partners. However, there are still some negative comments on plastic surgery patients. Some of the abstractly reasons explained why people in some countries’ attitude to cosmetic surgery patients are tend to negative. For example, most of Chinese people had studied the Book of Filial Piet. It is talking about people should be cherishing about everything that parents gave them when they was born, even hair or skin. Based on this concept, it is assuming that people’s attitudes are more negative in Chinese or other Asian cultures than in Western cultures about cosmetic surgery or patients.

The other reason that why people are more negative in Chinese than in Western countries can be referring to culture differences and social contact. For instance, if there is a person who has friends that have done plastic surgery or had contacted with plastic surgery patients. Their attitude will be less negative than a person who never had contacted with plastic surgery patients. Although some people might not have negative attitudes to patients, but it is also depends on patients that want to conceal their surgery history from others or not. Moreover, Chen, G. found that Chinese uncovered less than the Americans in several conversation topics, including their bodies. These discovery are significant of that even plastic surgery is widespread across Asian and Western cultures.

But social contact is not similar to each other due to most of Asian people will not disclose their surgery histories. In conclusion, plastic surgery is becoming a new type of trends all around the world. Some of surgery just cost patients a few minutes and also people usually influenced by celebrities or media. Even some of surgeons will have surgery to advertise their own skills or clinics. Although cosmetic surgery is widespread, there still some danger of doing surgery. Sometimes patients have to get another surgery to cover the failure from last time and plastic surgery sometimes caused death. In spite of these reasons, people are still trying to have surgery. Not only following the fashion, but also getting a “new image.”

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