Artificial Sweetener: Bad for the Health Essay Sample

Artificial Sweetener: Bad for the Health Essay Sample


In Operations Management, it is important for an operations manager to schedule the production processes of their operations. The paper is divided into three parts. The first part of the paper shows the significance of scheduling. The second part of the paper shows the potential problems that a manager could face in scheduling. The last part of the paper shows when should real time monitoring necessary and why it is necessary to do so.

Production scheduling is important in order to have a planned outcome of a particular production process and to be able to reach a particular target of output. Render and Heizer (1998) had stated in the book that Timing is important in scheduling. Important aspects that a manager must consider are the facilities, inventory or material needed for prosuction, the manpower, the contractors if there are any, capacity decisions , job sequence and personnel materials recovery. (Render and Heizer, 1998)

            The potential problems that an operations manager might face in developing and scheduling production are the aspects enumerated earlier. It is important to know that there are enough facilities that a particular production line has in order to reach the target completion time and output. Materials requirement for production must be met because any shortage of materials may result to low output and delayed production. If there is lack of manpower delay could again be experienced in the line. If a particular part of the operation does not have anyone to do the process then the product would not be completed and has to wait for someone to do the job in the process in order to finish the product. Capacity planning is also important in scheduling because this would estimate the amount of product that the company would be able to produce.

            In schedule monitoring, there are particular processes that need to be monitored real time. If there is a time limit or a priority for a particular project or process then it is necessary to check the flow of materials and job sequences every now and then. Monitoring is very important because the production would not deliver their duties if they are late in the job sequences and if they do not deliver the targeted amount of products.


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