Application Letter for Cardiologist

Application Letter for Cardiologist Essay Sample

Initially it was just a dream and following it brought me to the doorsteps of my realization of that dream. Walking down the memory lane, I could exactly figure out what it was which I always aspired for. Since my infancy and adolescence I had made immense strategies of achievement and I have been very resolute and loyal to them.

I started off from a place where only preliminary studies were conducted and only a little of higher foundation of education was provided. From that instance on, I worked hard on my skills, refined them and doing this all I could, in the end, see the fruitful results.

From there I did my intermediate and passing with flying colors I moved further, a step ahead to my success. Doing M.B.B.S from was perhaps the most important milestone, paving my way to realize my lifelong goal of becoming a doctor to help and cure others. Now as I intensely feel the significance of stepping into this institution, I would like to have Cardiology as my field of specialization.

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the Heart both in the poetic and the physiological contexts, and it has been my burning desire, since then, to unveil and discover its mysteries. I have my heart set on becoming a Heart specialist. I am most attracted to the immense complexity it involves and the challenges posed by this field and this only increases my determination. The practice of medicine is my vocation, completely fulfilling my sense of destiny through service to others. I feel that I am a strong candidate for medical school, in part, because of my positive attitude and enormous dedication to my work and in part, because of my ability for research in which I have always felt a measure of confidence and always enjoyed working on research oriented projects during my course work. I see Cardiology as both an art and a spiritual exercise, something that one constantly struggles to improve and further develop.

I believe that …………with its outstanding universities and teaching facilities, will provide me with an ideal environment for the accomplishment of my long-held desire of serving humanity as a Cardiologist.