An Advanced Practice Nurse essay

An advanced practice nurse is described as a nurse with a large amount of clinical knowledge usually to a post-graduate level, with a high amount of skill and experience and wide scope in the practice of nursing. Hamric’s values should not be viewed as knowledge to be used in patient management by themselves, but rather they should be used as a channel or means of administering healthcare to patients. The advanced practice nurse should thus be able to utilize the vast amount of skill and experience and use it in patient management, while adhering to the core values with no problem. When used in this way, the patient is able to benefit from the advance practice nurse’s skill and knowledge in an environment that promotes his/her recovery. Integration of the core values into the advance nurse’s practice would provide the optimum conditions for patients’ recovery or management. The two are relatively different disciplines, and therefore their integration would not result in any friction. This would become easier with practice just as with any other discipline in healthcare (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2006).

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