Aging Baby Boomers & Future Healthcare

Aging Baby Boomers & Future Healthcare


A. Understanding baby boomers with a comparison to other generations.

1) The baby boom generation is described as 76- million strong.

2) Demographics variables are more diversified for the baby boom generation and these changes are reshaping American society.

3) Characteristics of baby boomers related to health care include their tendency to participate in their own care.

B. Aging trends for the baby boom generation are pointing to an increased population of elderly and retirees.

1) Compared to other generations, as the baby boomers age, the proportion of elderly will increase.

2) Effects of the increase of senior citizens on healthcare delivery system will result in shrinking budgets and searches for alternatives.

A. Healthcare funding for the baby boomer will be changed by the transformed demographic trends that American society is facing.

1) Changes in Medicare funding will be needed to maintain its ability to supply the retired baby boomer generation.

2) Changes in private healthcare insurance may take place when thebaby boomers retire.

B. Ratios will change regarding those contributing to Medicare now (baby boomers), and those who will be the contributors in the future (generation x).

1) Baby boom’s current monetary contribution to the healthcare system will be decreased as expenses for their care is increased.

A. Access to care includes whether or not the most vulnerable receive benefits.

B. Current access to services for the elderly is adequate and Medicare has handled growth increases thus far, with their goal of ensuring that beneficiaries receive mainstream medical care and the latest treatments.

C. Changes will be needed to maintain or improve access to care for the future retired baby boom generation, since it will result in a larger increase than previously experienced, coupled with a longer period of ti…

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