A Discussion on How a Mental Disability, Physical Illness and Language Barriers Can Hinder an Interviewing Process

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While pursuing justice, it is vital that the enforcement officers get correct and workable information from the suspects or criminals. However there are many challenges and barriers that often lead wrong information during interview with such people. In this short essay, we are going to look at how mental disability, physical illness and language barriers can hinder the interviewing process. Officers should be well trained while correcting information from different people especially those with special in capabilities.

To start with people with mental illness are often passive and placid. They have difficulties in recalling the actual information and due to their suggestive nature they may often give incorrect information. It is also noted that people with mental illnesses have an attention problem and they cannot handle themselves in a coordinated behavior during a serious interview (MILLER, 2013). This is why people with mental disabilities hardly give credible information to the authorities.

On the other hand, there are also limitations while handling people with physical illnesses during interviews. Often this is matter of conscience where an officer finds it hard to question the individuals on some aspects. This would eventually lead to incomplete information that is not workable (Education, 2014). On disabilities like deafness, the individual cannot respond to the officer’s questions because in the first place he/she cannot hear what the officer is saying. This calls for interpreters and professionals to be attached in the interview which can be costly and in some instances ineffective.

Language barrier is one of the most significant barriers that affect an interview. Most countries are English speaking but that is not their first language which means they only have a shallow understanding of the language. Some people also can hardly speak English which makes it a problematic during interviews. Language barrier can critically affect an interview in the sense that the individual may give information that is not well articulated because they do not know how to structure good sentences (Davies, 2015). They may also misinterpret the question that the interviewer is asking due to poor understanding of the language.


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