7 Major Blood Tests and Cholesterol Myths

7 Major Blood Tests and Cholesterol Myths

            I do not question any information provided by the video. In fact, it is quite informative especially when it comes to the role played by cholesterol in the body. According to the speaker, cholesterol can be both useful and harmful to the body. One misleading myth about the substance is that high cholesterol levels in the body result in heart diseases. Although this can be true, it does not entirely cover the factors that lead heart conditions. For example, depending on the subject’s genetic make-up and how the individual’s cardiovascular functioning, high, medium, and low levels of cholesterol can result in heart complications. Secondly, despite the fact that there is a lot of anti-cholesterol campaign based on miss-information, the substance is quite useful in the body. Cholesterol is an essential life-supporting nutrient that acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps in hormone production, digestive processes, and structuring of the cell. In fact, reducing the levels of cholesterol can cause health problems.

            The class text supports various information included in the video. First, the role played by cholesterol and LDL in both critical bodily functions and the development of heart conditions. Secondly, the book confirms that genetic predispositions and other factors such as toxin intake, nutrition, and lifestyle choices contribute to the development of heart disease. Lastly, the class text is consistent with the importance of undergoing the various blood tests when diagnosing heart disease as listed in the video.

            The speaker identifies several factors, apart from cholesterol, that can lead to the subject developing heart disease. First, a poor diet that does not satisfy the nutritional needs of the body. Secondly, intake of toxic substances such as metal poisoning including lead, mercury, and cadmium that are now for their high toxicity levels. Lifestyle choices have also been listed among the factors that raise the risk of developing heart conditions. Lastly, the video identifies genetic make-up which comes into consideration when the other three elements are present.

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