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Offline Is the New Luxury Documentary Summary

The VPRO is a Netherland’s established broadcasting corporation that airs quality educative films and documentaries concerning issues and trends affecting the world today. VPRO is the broadcaster and distributor of the documentary Offline Is the New Luxury – a documentary Read More


Education For families with infant-toddlers From the reviews, the challenges facing families with toddlers are mostly associated with health, adequate post-natal care and if children exhibit any form of disability. In regards to post-natal care, infant-toddlers raised by single mothers Read More

Social Justice

The concept of social justice has been of interest to me ever since I could understand the functioning of society. Born to a middle-class family, I had little trouble accessing most of the necessary services whose standards were fairly good. Read More

Illegal Immigration

There have been heated debates about on the position of the USA on immigration, and the debate only gets bigger with changes in regime. Every American citizen has his or her opinion on illegal immigration, some supporting and others are Read More

Dutch Tulip Craze

Tulip Craze was a period in the Dutch history when the prices for the new bulbs that were recently introduced as tulips reached surged up to an extraordinarily high level and then collapsed suddenly. This was the first recorded economic Read More

Live or Die

Live or Die Thesis:  Even though Harrison was seen as trying to overthrow the government’s control of this “perfect” society with his ideas and radical actions, Harrison Bergeron, should be regarded as a hero because of his courage to stand Read More

Harrison Bergeron

Not only were the laws of the land abandoned, but the law of gravity and the laws of motion as well” (p 4, Para. 19). This statement by Kurt Vonnegut the author of the story Harrison Bergeron depicts Harrison Bergeron, Read More

Diffusion, Osmosis, and Tonicity

Question 1 The larger the molecular weight, the greater the rate of diffusion. The independent variable was the differing concentrations of solutions. On the contrary, the dependent variable was the percentage in the change of mass. Moreover, the control variable Read More

The Transformation of Europe

The Transformation of Europe My primary source is a letter written by Reverend Thornwell on ‘Our Danger and Duty,’ and it relates to this class because it talks about the encounters of the people of Europe during a time when Read More